Rethink the way you learn to play your

Learn how to play your instrument and enjoy music anytime, anywhere free from capos, tab and sheet music.

What's holding you back?



My schedule doesn't allow me to practice at certain times.


I don't have the money to pay for music lessons.
Self - Doubt

Self - Doubt

I tried to learn but I got stuck. I just don’t think I’m a very musical person.


I tried using tablature and sheet music but got tired of learning song by song.

If this is you, Musiculus can help.

Become a true musician

How would you like to have complete musical freedom? To know how to play any song, or create new ones for that matter, just by using your ear, some basic music theory, and your instrument? And we are not just talking about playing one instrument, but as many as you'd like?

At Musiculus we have developed a unique system that allows you to do exactly this.

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Musiculus is the only all-in-one online music learning tool that will teach you a systematic approach to understand, learn, and play your instrument without being limited by sheet music, tablature or capos.

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Much like our inherent ability to whistle a tune, the Musiculus system is designed to train and connect your ear to your instrument. In order to understand music and play an instrument, you need 3 things:
Instrument Trainer


Learn to identify note and chord patterns on your instrument
Ear Trainer


Learn to hear the notes and chords within each scale
Songs Trainer

SONG Trainer

Connect your ear to your instrument, play your favorite songs, or create your own

SKills you will learn to

  • Learn to improvise freely
  • Play songs by ear
  • Understand fundamental theory

What makes Musiculus different?

You achieve musical freedom

Achieve musical freedom

We teach you the language of music. You will learn how to really listen and understand music, play by ear and improvise. No more focusing on reading and replicating sheet music or tablature.
Everything in one place

Everything in one place

All in one resource. Ear Trainer, Instrument trainer, and Song Trainer are all in one place. You can focus on learning instead of searching YouTube or other learning tools for the right tutorial.
We make learning fun!


Practicing with Musiculus doesn't feel like learning. It's fun and fulfilling. We know that after a long day at work, learning an instrument might be the last thing you want to do when you come home.
Great selection of songs

Great song selection

You don't have to listen to any cheesy made up creations. Our Song Trainer includes a catalog of popular songs that are updated regularly.

Tips and Motivation

Next to our online learning platform we provide you with weekly tips on how to get started and keep you motivated. As a member of our mailing list, you will also receive important product updates and notices to upcoming events.
We don't lock you in

We don't lock you in

We offer monthly or discounted annual subscriptions, and you can cancel anytime, no questions asked.

Find the plan That works for you!

Frequent Asked Questions

Yes. Musiculus was created to help musicians of any skill level.
Yes. Contact and a technician would be happy to answer your questions.
Cancel anytime, no questions asked.
We are constantly requesting permissions to build the Song Library and improve the user experience.
Of course! Short cuts to true musicianship are rare, but Musiculus will make the best of your practice time, and keep you progressing, and fulfilled.


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